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About us

Getsupport 360 Global Associate (G360), is an online network marketing company with physical presence whose vision to provide quality product and services to its members at the best price. Though a network marketing company it is also an empowerment-based membership company that provide various quality program for its member so as to support them and those around them to achieving their goals, dreams and aspirations in life. Partnering with us give you a lot of benefits which ranges from financial freedom, good health services, education scholarships and opportunity, beautiful traveling experience, owning properties, quality products etc.

The products and services could either be owned directly by the company or indirectly partner companies or members but whichever way we ensure that they are of the best quality also at the best price. In doing so we are promoting good works and supporting beautiful visions, ideas, skill, education and business. We inspire you to aspire. We devote ourselves to improving the lives of others.


Members enjoy much benefits from the business that will last them a lifetime only if they are active

  • Get quality products and services at a discount rate directly or indirectly from us.
  • Acquire free skill
  • Enjoy discount or food item
  • Get quality medical support service
  • Get quality medical support service
  • Scholarship for your children and relative
  • Grab opportunity for financial freedom
  • Get to help the less privileged and the needy
  • Get INTREEST FREE empowerment fund without collateral
  • Own brand-new car or cars of your choice
  • Acquire property/property acquisition support
  • Free international trip abroad
  • Leadership Monthly Payment (LMP)
  • Sellers reward
  • Achievers reward
  • Associates reward
  • Residual income for life

  • What we do

    Getsupport 360 Global Associate (G360) offers discounted rate of various products and services to our members, we also promote members product and services but terms and condition applies. Do you want to purchase quality products, enjoy quality medical services at free or discounted rate acquire skill, access interest free loan, own properties, scholarship for yourself or someone you know? Now you can do it!

    Trade Skills Acquisition services

    Since our ideology is teaching people how to fish, Getsupport 360 Global Associate (G360), offer basic and advanced entrepreneurial training on any of the following skills (courses): -

  • Tailoring course
  • Installation of cable satellite course
  • Solar installation course
  • Electrical course
  • Aluminum works course
  • Car Mechanical course
  • Wood work course
  • Metal work
  • Meson course
  • Painting/Paint production course (house and cars)
  • Computer skill course
  • Paper design and printing
  • Office management course
  • Agricultural course (poultry, fishery, piggery etc.)
  • Photography and video editing course
  • Catering course
  • Hair dressing course
  • Makeup course
  • Production which includes: - Beauty and House care products.

  • The above listed programs have a duration of 3 days to three (3) month training duration depending on the course members identify with for the basic and duration three (3) months to twenty-four (24) of the advance which also comes with basic financial empowerment support for the start up.

    Note: - Members can never enroll for more than one program at once and they cannot be trained in more than one specialization except if courses are very related, closely link and can work together.

    Virtual Top-Up (VTU) SERVICES

    We live in a digital world where life changing innovations and opportunities through the use of the internet are limitless. We provides an avenue for anyone in Nigeria to buy airtime VTU, pay cable subscription, buy internet data, and pay electricity bill and other daily services that you pay for every day.

    You get rewarded for buying products and services, buy airtime VTU, Pay bills online, subscribe to cable or just by referring others to use or buy the same products & services they use every day. The profit is no more for the merchant alone, you share from it. We employ the tools of referrer, multi-levels and affiliate marketing in creating financial freedom and reaping for our members their own share of all the billions in airtime and other online virtual product used daily by Nigerians on other countries where we operate daily.

    We ensure wealth creation platform for a variety of people anywhere they find themselves and provide a safe and secure place where a life-changing income can be built.

    Medical Services/health

    We partner with health organizations to provide free and discounted quality, basic and advance Medical/Health care services to our members. All members Enjoy basic medical/health care services upon registration such as General consultation; investigation and discounted treatment including prescribed drugs and dressings; necessary lab/diagnostic procedures and plain x-rays;

    As a member, you can call in for preventive care and counselling; minor surgeries; routine immunization – child polio, measles, BCG, DPT and Hepatitis B; and other approved vaccine available at our disposal as we partner we clinics and hospital to provide medical and health care services to our members with nationwide coverage.

    Members can view the various ailment they are qualified for through their Getsupport 360 Global Associate (G360) account dashboard under the health section. On the health account section, a list of the ailment member can access is listed, once they are on your account dashboard it automatically means you can access services

    Healthcare insurance: members of Getsupport360 ventures enjoy the opportunity of insuring their health and that of their families. We partner with reputable health insurance companies to provide the services for our members. With these services members can simply go to get health medication ranging from primary, secondary and tertiary health care services including pre-delivery and post-delivery of 4 life birth. Though the service has various forms and categories.

    Also Members who have health insurance with other company with proven documentation of the insurance are to recommend a less privileged to get the benefit but an MOU will be reached on the payment plan.

    Support for payment of medical bill: - Members who participate actively in the company’s business enjoy the support of the company in paying some medical bills.

    Financial services

    Getsupport 360 Global Associates (G360) in partnership with reputable financial institution offers offer various financial services such as: -

    Quick 'cash and pay' services. Where you can send and receive money from your bank account.

    Savings plans services: - Members have the opportunity to save and make interest form their savings. We have to major type of savings namely daily savings (which requires you to save a certain amount daily but can be withdrawn any time you wish). Target or Project savings (Which requires you to save a certain amount daily for a particular period of time so as to achieve a particular project or objective but cannot be withdrawn till the expiration of the date).

    Growing Return On Investmet (GROI)

    Member get to choose a package and make the investment amount on the package which in turn grows over a period of ten months (10) with a daily return on investment. And the referring members earn

    Asset and Properties Support Services/business grant

    Members can enjoy the opportunity of owning brand new car, home appliances or acquire any property through our low interest and collateral free loan payable within 6-12 months depending on the member Rank.

    An MOU of repayment must be signed and strictly adhere to.

    NOTE; Asset/properties property services varies with the stages.

    Humanitarian/Social Services

    Our unique social services benefit both members and none members which includes services to the less privileged, widows, orphans, sick people, environmental sanitation and protection, community project support, educational scholarships and support etc.

    Leadership training /Leadership Monthly Payments (LMP)

    We create and train leaders in the network field through our vision and philosophy and we build future around them so they can impact the world. Through organizing leadership training for both members and non-members and also reward their efforts of members with a leadership Monthly Payment (LMP).

    Travel and Tours

    We at Getsupport 360 Global Associate believe that traveling is a great way of learning. We are interested in our members’ dreams of traveling to different countries of the world to meet people and experiences other cultures.

    We also help our members with the best link to flight booking and ticketing company.


    This is our online market platform where members and non-members list their products and service at the best affordable price and in turn members earn commission and cashbacks for the goods and services that are been purchased from the platform.

    Products ranges from:-

  • Food items
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical/ Electronics
  • Automobile
  • Fashion…